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Your Personal Wu Ai Translations

Get instant translation for over 85+ national languages from around the world

Instant Translations

Translate message or posts as you type them, no more miscommunication due to grammar or spelling errors. Use TypeAri anywhere online.

Ai Spell Checker

Not sure how something is spelt? Don't worry, just ask TypeAri to check for any linguistic mistakes and correct them in an instant.

Grammar Checker

Check what you've typed is free from grammatical or spelling errors before sending or posting.

Learn Wu Faster

Struggling to learn a foreign language? Improve your language skills by testing your self live, while you type messages from any text box.

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TypeAri Translator

Make your messages more effective and clear by using our Wu AI Translator to translate common expressions, metaphors, and idioms. Our goal is to improve the precision of our AI Translator continuously, incorporating automated language identification for more accurate results. With our Ai Translator, you can access translation in over 85 languages to better connect with others.

Translation Anywhere

Easily break down language barriers in your communication with the help of our Wu AI Translator. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to connect with a global audience and boost your efficiency by effortlessly translating words, phrases, and even longer sections of text.

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Popular Translated Languages

translate Albanian Shqip Albania

translate Arabic العربية Arab World

translate Armenian Հայերեն Armenia

translate Awadhi अवधी India

translate Azerbaijani Azərbaycanca Azerbaijan

translate Bashkir Башҡорт Russia

translate Basque Euskara Spain

translate Belarusian Беларуская Belarus

translate Bengali বাংলা Bangladesh

translate Bhojpuri भोजपुरी India

translate Bosnian Bosanski Bosnia and Herzegovina

translate Brazilian Portuguese português brasileiro Brazil

translate Bulgarian български Bulgaria

translate Cantonese (Yue) 粵語 China

translate Catalan Català Spain

translate Chhattisgarhi छत्तीसगढ़ी India

translate Chinese 中文 China

translate Croatian Hrvatski Croatia

translate Czech Čeština Czech Republic

translate Danish Dansk Denmark

translate Dogri डोगरी India

translate Dutch Nederlands Netherlands

translate English English United Kingdom

translate Estonian Eesti Estonia

translate Faroese Føroyskt Faroe Islands

translate Finnish Suomi Finland

translate French Français France

translate Galician Galego Spain

translate Georgian ქართული Georgia

translate German Deutsch Germany

translate Greek Ελληνικά Greece

translate Gujarati ગુજરાતી India

translate Haryanvi हरियाणवी India

translate Hindi हिंदी India

translate Hungarian Magyar Hungary

translate Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia

translate Irish Gaeilge Ireland

translate Italian Italiano Italy

translate Japanese 日本語 Japan

translate Javanese Basa Jawa Indonesia

translate Kannada ಕನ್ನಡ India

translate Kashmiri कश्मीरी India

translate Kazakh Қазақша Kazakhstan

translate Konkani कोंकणी India

translate Korean 한국어 South Korea

translate Kyrgyz Кыргызча Kyrgyzstan

translate Latvian Latviešu Latvia

translate Lithuanian Lietuvių Lithuania

translate Macedonian Македонски North Macedonia

translate Maithili मैथिली India

translate Malay Bahasa Melayu Malaysia

translate Maltese Malti Malta

translate Mandarin 普通话 China

translate Mandarin Chinese 中文 China

translate Marathi मराठी India

translate Marwari मारवाड़ी India

translate Min Nan 閩南語 China

translate Moldovan Moldovenească Moldova

translate Mongolian Монгол Mongolia

translate Montenegrin Crnogorski Montenegro

translate Nepali नेपाली Nepal

translate Norwegian Norsk Norway

translate Oriya ଓଡ଼ିଆ India

translate Pashto پښتو Afghanistan

translate Persian (Farsi) فارسی Iran

translate Polish Polski Poland

translate Portuguese Português Portugal

translate Punjabi ਪੰਜਾਬੀ India

translate Rajasthani राजस्थानी India

translate Romanian Română Romania

translate Russian Русский Russia

translate Sanskrit संस्कृतम् India

translate Santali संताली India

translate Serbian Српски Serbia

translate Sindhi سنڌي Pakistan

translate Sinhala සිංහල Sri Lanka

translate Slovak Slovenčina Slovakia

translate Slovene Slovenščina Slovenia

translate Slovenian Slovenščina Slovenia

translate Ukrainian Українська Ukraine

translate Urdu اردو Pakistan

translate Uzbek Ўзбек Uzbekistan

translate Vietnamese Việt Nam Vietnam

translate Welsh Cymraeg Wales

translate Wu 吴语 China

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